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This outta be about as simple as it gets, as there is only one option: HUMAN

Human Stat Line: 12, 12, 14, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22

To explain why this is the case, if it weren't already abundantly obvious: This is not RIFTS! Yes, we are using the palladium rules, but this setting does not place in that universe. This setting is a post-apocalyptic vision of our own world that is a construct of my own design.

Body Fixer OOC
City Rat OOC
Cyber-Doc OOC
Crazies OOC

Unlike in traditional RIFTS, crazies are Individuals from the wastes who have had brain augmentations at the hands of an unknown and sinister intellect. They almost always revert to base, violent instinct and wander the wastes in packs, looking for hapless travelers to attack. Occasionally though, more tempered ones may be adopted by a settlement to help keep raiders at bay.
Headhunter OOC
Merc Soldier OOC
Operator OOC
Preacher OOC
Robot Pilot OOC
Rogue Scholar OOC (Seldom)
Rogue Scientist OOC
Saloon Girl OOC
Vagabond OOC
Wilderness Scout OOC


Mutants are a special case in the game. While they can manifest more powerful abilities than the average human, mutants are physically or mentally deformed, which results in the loss of a d6 from three appropriate stats, depending on the deformity (to be determined and rolled by the GM). 
Burster OOC
Psi-Stalker, Wild OOC

Main Page

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